We want your opinion for Women's ITS
As there was a healthy rebound in the number of pairs entering the Women’s ITS this year, the current plan is to run a 1 day qualifying followed by a 2 day final in 2018, similar to the Seniors’ ITS. You can help us design and schedule the event by answering the following survey about the NSWBA’s Women’s Interstate Teams Selection event.


Does the location of the ANC influence your decision whether or not to play the ITS?
Yes No

Should pairs not available to represent at the ANC be allowed to enter the Women’s ITS?
Yes No

Do you regularly enter the Open ITS?
Yes No

Would you prefer the Women’s ITS to be held before or after the Open ITS?
Before After No preference

Would you play the Women’s ITS if it were held on Mothers’ Day?
Yes No Preferably not

Would you play if the Women’s ITS were held on 3 consecutive days - Friday to Sunday?
Yes No

Which scheduling do you prefer?
Sunday qualifying followed by weekend Final one or two weeks later
Friday qualifying followed immediately by weekend Final over the next 2 days

Add any other comments you want to make about the event.
Thank you for completing this survey.
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